Transfer Services

The company's most popular digital service is converting VHS tapes to a digital format. Clients receive both a DVD version and a digital file of their VHS tape.

VHS tapes convert in real time. Therefore, if a tape is two hours long, it will take two hours for it to transfer to digital.

Federalist Studios charges $12.00 per hour for the transfer time + a $2.00 exporting fee (per tape).

Example: a two hour VHS tape = ($12 x 2 hour) + $2 = $26.00 total

Each exported video consists of a beginning title, volume consistency, and a fade out when the recording is finished. If there are other specifics that the client would like, those can be added too without extra cost.

Clients will receive a DVD and digital file of each VHS tape. Clients are also provided a video tutorial on how to download the digital files to their personal computer or external hard drive.

Other formats that can be transferred to digital: Mini DV tapes and VHS-C