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tape to digital Transfer Services

*This service is only offered from June-August.  However, if there is no deadline - it can be done during the other 9 months - knowing it might take some time to get through the tapes.

The company's most popular digital service is converting VHS tapes to a digital format.  Clients receive a digital file of their VHS tape and have the opportunity to purchase a DVD version of each video for $5.00 a disc

Photography Vendor & Print Information

Federalist Studios specializes in local landscape photography.

Interested buyers can also email Carla Cipro with their print choice at federaliststudios@gmail.com.  

Look for the item number in the comment section of each print and use that to help identify the print of choice.

Carla will also take specific requests of a local area that a buyer would like photographed.


Interested buyers can find a table with prints at the following upcoming events:

Dates are yet to be determined, but Federalist Studios will be at the following events in 2024:

Pricing Information:

5x7 print:  $10.00

5x7 print with mat:  $15.00

5x7 framed print:  $20.00

8x10 print:  $15.00

8x10 print with mat:  $20.00

8x10 framed print:  $30.00

12x16 framed print:  $50

16x20 framed print:  $75

20x24 framed print:  $100

Photography & Videography Services

Federalist Studios offers both videography and photography services, which includes: